The Story


The Afghan Coat is a short novella (80 pages) based on a true story. It is illustrated with eight black and white photographs by the author and a detailed map.

The story:

Kabul 1916. A young man sets out as a courier on a crucial mission. He travels in an Emir’s Rolls Royce, climbs a smuggling path along the Khyber Pass, meets brave Pashtuns and ferocious warlords, follows the flooded Indus River – Punjab CID closely on his heels. All Abdul Haq has to deliver is the Afghan coat he wears, risking his life more than once for it.

The Afghan Coat is set in Afghanistan, India and Malta. Authentic Abdul Haq starts as the key figure of a large scale conspiracy and ends up as plaything in a game far greater than he ever imagined. The description of a single fate against the backdrop of World WarI shines a light on times when clandestine actions at the frontier of Afghanistan and today’s Pakistan almost changed the course of history and shaped the conflicts to come.

The Afghan Coat is a novella that touches the roots of a conflict now rumbling on for more than a century, creating the Taliban and plunging a region of the Orient with a rich cultural heritage into terror and chaos, once again involving the lives of more and more people from the Western world since 9/11.

There is one striking similarity to the hunting down of Osama bin Laden in May 2011 in his hideout in Abottabad, Pakistan: again it were the traces of a trusted courier travelling from the Afghan border eastbound disclosing a well hidden secret that was essential to a conspiracy – almost 100 years after Abdul Haq slipped by the Khyber Pass to British India in his Afghan Coat.


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